I Ate Raw Fowl With Its Blood To Prove I Did Not Commit Adultery – Lady Voice Out

A 27-year-old woman, Chinonyerem from Ebonyi State has shared her ordeals in her 9-year-old relationship with her estranged husband, during an exclusive interview with Blessing CEO.

Speaking with Blessing CEO, Chinonyerem said she got married when she was 19-years-old, shortly after she finished her secondary school. She said the man promised to take her out of the village and sponsor her education in Lagos State. She said she accepted the man’s proposal in a bid to make her mother proud…….Continue Reading

Upon getting to Lagos, she said she got pregnant for the man a few months after they started living together. Unfortunately, she said she lost the baby due to the stress she went through, as the man did not care for her.

She said she got to know that the man always talked about their love-making sessions with his friends. She then decided to return to the village because her experience with the man was absolutely different from what she had imagined. She said her family told her to exercise patience and endurance.

Few months after she lost her first child, she said she got pregnant again and was delivered of the baby successfully. Nine months after she gave birth, she said she got pregnant again. During the pregnancy, she was taken to the village by her husband under the guise of Christmas celebration.

When she got to the village, she said the man told her that she would not be following him back to Lagos State. After spending a year in the village, she said her husband was persuaded to take her back and perform the traditional marriage rites.

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After their traditional marriage, she said she moved back to Lagos with him. She said they were however not intimate as he kept maltreating her and she had no one to complain to. She said she managed to persuade him to open a store for her to sell provisions.

She said the straw that eventually broke the camel’s back was the moment he came to her store and saw a male customer in her shop. She said he left angrily without saying a word to her. When she got home, he collected her shop’s key from her and prohibited her from going to the shop.

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She said her husband told her to return to the village and leave the kids in his custody. Considering her financial status, she said she decided to leave her kids with him and return back to the village. When he drove her to her family home, he told her family that he brought her back based on his suspicion that she is engaging in extramarital affair.

Chinonyerem said she decided to move on with her life. After a while, she said she returned to Lagos and moved in with one of her female friends. While she was staying with her friend, she said she followed her to church one day and co-incidentally saw her kids.

“I saw my kids and they ran to me. Especially my second son, he said, ‘Mummy, you left us when we were small’ but I said no. So, me getting the children they (her estranged husband and his family) started dragging them with me. They said I wanted to take the kids and run away” –she narrated.

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She said she was denied access to even speak to her children. She said she could not ignore the cries of her kids, so she rushed back and took them to the church alter to cry for help. She eventually got the attention of one evangelist who later intervened and tried to resolve the issues.

She said the evangelist helped them to resolve their issues and told them to live together for the sake of the kids. After staying together for a while, she said she was summoned to a meeting in the village.

At the meeting with the community elders, she said her husband accused her of adultery and said the only way she could prove her innocence is if she eats a raw fowl with its blood and feathers.

“He gave me a condition that if I want to marry him again, they will kill a fowl for me. He said he did not have any evidence but he is suspecting me of going outside. When they kill the fowl, they will give me the fowl head to eat raw with the hair (sic) and the blood. And, after eating it, if I survive it for one year, he will marry me”. –she narrated.

She said she has now moved out of his house now and she is not allowed to see any of her kids. She said what she wants is just access to see her kids.

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