My mom called one day and told me Rebecca came home asking for me. I dated Rebecca when I was in SHS. That kind of dating all your friends and family know about but actually nothing goes on, yeah that was how we dated. She was my girlfriend but we never hugged or held hands. After school, she moved out of town and I also did.

She took my number from my mom so that very night she called. We were on the phone like forever, talking about childhood, life and where the wind blew us. She was living in Kumasi and coincidentally, I was living in Kumasi too. We planned to meet whenever she came back to Kumasi…….CONTINUE READING

Days later, we met in town, had fun, and went our separate ways. On our third date, emotions took over and we started getting touchy. She whispered, “We can go to your place or mine, I don’t mind.” Her place was closer so we ended up in her bed.

The first knock sounded far away. The second one was loud enough to make me realize someone was knocking. The third knock nearly broke the door. A thunderous voice screamed from the outside; “Herh Becky, I swear today you’re dead. Open the door.” By this time she was awake. I asked who he was and she chuckled, “My boyfriend. Don’t mind him,” she answered.

“Ah, your boyfriend and I shouldn’t mind him?”

I quickly dressed up while she was still in bed not saying anything. The guy kept screaming, “Who’s there with you? Open the door before I break it down.”

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She was still lying there while I was shivering and confused. She screamed back, “If you don’t leave there, I swear you’ll regret the day you were born.” She looked at me, “Are you scared? Don’t worry he’s a nobody…”

She opened the door and immediately the guy entered, I rushed out of the room and took to my heels. She lived in a new site, in a house where there were no other tenants. While running, I thought to myself, “What if the guy does something crazy to her? Why didn’t I stay and do something?”

I stopped and ran back. When I got to the compound, the whole place was quiet. I got scared. I screamed her name and she answered. She came out with a smile. “I’m good. Why did you come back?” She asked. “Where’s he,” I asked.

She took me inside, and I saw the guy on the floor snoring loudly. It didn’t look like all was well. It was too quick for a guy his size to switch from anger to sleeping. “What did you do to him?” I asked. She answered, “I told you he’s a nobody. I took care of him.”

Six Years Later, His Ex Is Still In The Picture

He was alive because he was snoring but as to what she did to him, she never told me. Days later she asked if we could hang out again. I answered, “I’m sorry. I’m out of Kumasi. I’ll call when I return in weeks later.”

I don’t know where she is now but once in a while, she comes to mind. And her boyfriend too. I still ask myself, “What did she do to him?”

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