Otieno Banks disclosed that approximately two years ago, she dated a 70-year-old father together with his three sons and then proceeded to sleep with all of them.

According to Otieno, the father developed a crush on her via social media, and when they met, he introduced her to his three sons, who all developed a crush on her as well. So, when their tycoon father was abroad for a short period, his three sons began pursuing her in various ways, and she fell for each of them…….CONTINUE READING

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After spending separate nights with her, the sons became so enamored with her that they each slept with her individually. When the father returned, Otieno had difficulty choosing between the sons and the father because the sons were cute but not excellent in bed, while the father was unattractive but good in bed.

Otieno stated that the relationship became toxic since it appeared as if all of them were using dark powers against her, so she had to leave and go into exile in order to dump all of them

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