Marriage is a legally recognized union between two individuals, typically based on mutual love and commitment, and often accompanied by a ceremony or celebration.

One woman confessed that she had an affair with her father-in-law on the eve of her wedding day. According to her, she not only had romantic feelings for her father-in-law that day but began to love him as soon as her husband introduced her to his parents.

She said it was a secret that her husband has never known in the eight years they have been together…….CONTINUE READING

“I have been in a romantic relationship with my father-in-law for several years now. I see him as a father-in-law, but when it comes to the romantic side, he fulfills my needs more than his own son, my husband,” she said.

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“It’s a secret that I have lived with and one that I want to tell my husband, but I am afraid because I fear it will bring animosity and conflict between my husband and his father,” she added.

The lady went on to say, “It’s surprising that I had sexual intercourse with my father-in-law one day before my wedding, and I have no regrets about what I did and the relationship we have had for some time now. I don’t know whether I should tell my husband this secret, as it is bothering me mentally.

I am sure that my husband has been faithful to me. I advised my father-in-law to stop this behavior, but he doesn’t want to listen or hear anything about ending our relationship. Please help me, what should I do.

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