Throwback: When Festus Keyamo Was Fighting For Peter Obi

In March 2005, there was a contentious issue regarding the tenure of a Governor who had obtained his mandate through the judicial process. During this period, Peter Obi was at risk of being denied his full tenure.

It was at this critical juncture that I wholeheartedly defended him, insisting that he should serve his complete four-year term in accordance with the Constitution. Even esteemed lawyers like my late boss, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, held a differing opinion, but I remained steadfast in my conviction. Our advocacy continued until the Supreme Court vindicated some of us within the legal community………Continue Reading

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Our defense of Peter Obi was rooted in our genuine belief, even though we had not yet personally met him at that time. We have dedicated decades to defending our patriotic beliefs, which is why we find amusement in the hasty judgments of overnight keyboard ‘activists’ who make baseless insinuations. We choose not to respond and allow them to dwell in their pitiable ignorance.

Moreover, when we, impartially, assert that the law operates independently of the social media uproar and sentiments, we urge you to place your trust in that assertion. As predicted, numerous cases have been dismissed by various courts today. No matter how much a hashtag trends or how many prayer ‘warriors’ gather around the court premises, the law will follow its course. It is advisable to conserve your resources and energy. Allow the lawyers to fulfill their duties.

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