Ronaldo’s Comment After Surpassing Lionel Messi’s Record

Cristiano Ronaldo, a striker for Manchester United, has acknowledged that when he returned to Old Trafford, he was pleased to outsell Lionel Messi’s jersey sales for Paris Saint-Germain.

In the first section of his spectacular TalkTV interview with Piers Morgan, which was broadcast on Wednesday night, Ronaldo made this statement.

During the show, Piers spoke to Ronaldo and said:

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“After you re-signed with [Manchester] United, two things occurred within a 24-hour period.

One, you sold more shirts in a day than ever before… You defeated a player named Messi, I assume that made you pleased.

In response, Ronaldo said, “Of course I’m thrilled [laughs].

“As you are aware, the records follow me rather than the other way around. Yet another in my book.


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