What He Said Isn’t True – Garry Neville Reacts To Cristiano Ronaldo’s Controversial Interview

Cristiano Ronaldo has been going viral for the past few hours and it’s because of anything but what he revealed in his recent interview with Piers Morgan as he has been calling out names of people who have said one or two things about him in the past.

One of his former teammates, Garry Neville finally reacts to this as he claims that most of what Cristiano Ronaldo revealed in his interview isn’t true and he is open to criticism not like him.

He added that Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t handled the later part of his career very well and this won’t stop him from respecting him as one of the greatest players of all time.

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In conclusion, Garry Neville made it clear that Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t been open to criticism for so long and it’s so hard for him to be criticized at this stage of his career because he has now become what he never expected at Manchester United.

His way of criticizing a lot of people back is using the interview and he has succeeded in doing that already.

He also added that no one can criticize his employee or his boss and still expect to keep his job and this simply means that Ronaldo intentionally ended his days at Manchester United with the interview.

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