Man dies mysteriously few hours after announcing his travel to UK

Pains, anxiety and sadness have enveloped the people of Afikpo town in Ebonyi state as one of their indigenes has died, a day to his travel to United Kingdom.

Ugochukwu Okpani, source revealed who was supposed to travel to United Kingdom for his Master’s Degree program died mysteriously early hours of Friday after announcing his travel to United Kingdom on his timeline on Thursday night………………………..CONTINUE READING



Okpani during campaign against cultism in school

However, confirming his death, one of his friends, Oyimagada Ken said that “he was supposed to be on his way to the UK for his MSC today.”

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Explaining his personality, Ken stated that “Ugochukwu Okpani was a great guy who always stood on the good side of life. We have done a lot of good work together for the development of Afikpo.

“A dedicated and promising young man with big dreams and full of life.

This is not good at all, my heart bleeds. So hard to say goodbye.”

Another friend, Obinna Oti also stated that “last month Okpani Ugochukwu chatted me up to tell me about his admission in Wolverhampton university for Masters studies on scholarship and I rejoiced with him with hope of a reunion here in UK.

“And yesterday he made a post of his travelling but slept and never woke up.

“Xtopher is one of the objective and rational guys in Afikpo who have always stood for the truth and Justice. We did many social and community development works together and he has never been found wanting in any.”

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