Man Arrested with Heads of Slain Parents in Kwara State

In a shocking incident that has left the community in disbelief, a 29-year-old man identified as Kenneth has been apprehended in Kwara State with two human heads in his possession. The gruesome discovery has been linked to the alleged murder of his parents, whom Kenneth reportedly killed for the purpose of conducting money ritual ceremonies. The incident unfolded in the presence of a large crowd of onlookers, who witnessed the capture of the accused and his subsequent assault by an enraged mob. However, the swift intervention of the police brought an end to the chaos, as Kenneth was taken into custody for further investigation and prosecution…………………….CONTINUE READING




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The parents of the accused had been reported missing for over a month, causing distress and concern among their relatives and neighbors. During interrogations by the authorities, Kenneth confessed to colluding with his friends to carry out the heinous act. According to his confession, they conspired to kidnap his parents, take them to a secluded forest location, and brutally end their lives. The motive behind these unimaginable actions was their belief in the efficacy of using their parents’ severed heads for money rituals. Kenneth revealed that he was en route to deliver the heads to a herbalist at the time of his apprehension, carrying them concealed in a school bag to avoid suspicion.

However, fortune did not favor Kenneth, as a family member had been covertly monitoring his activities. Sensing something amiss, the vigilant relative discreetly followed him and alerted a local vigilante member to inspect the contents of the bag. The shocking discovery of two human heads instantly led to the apprehension of the accused, thwarting his attempt to dispose of the evidence.

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The State Police Public Relations Officer expressed profound shock upon learning of the incident, highlighting the unimaginable cruelty displayed by a child towards his own parents. The police have launched a comprehensive investigation into the case, aiming to gather all necessary evidence and ensure a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding this gruesome crime. Once the investigation is concluded, Kenneth will face charges and be presented before the court to answer for his horrific actions.

The community remains shaken by this tragic event, as they grapple with the loss of two lives and the disturbing nature of the crime committed. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for increased vigilance and the importance of nurturing a society that prioritizes respect, love, and empathy for one another.

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