Cheating Husband & His Landlady Got Stuck During Sex [VIDEO

You must have miss this story, back in 2018, one of the news that rocked social media was the story of a cheating husband and his landlady who got stuck while having sex at a hotel in Kenya.

The duo, according to sources, were engaged in a secret relationship when something strange happened. The hotel management came to the rescue when they heard cries for help coming from the room.

The co-joined bodies were discovered by the hotel management, who called the police, who responded and transported the duo to the police station where they invited the man’s wife.

See the Full Clip Here

According to reports, the wife told the police that she had noticed her landlady disappear each time her husband went to Kitale for work. Her husband denied it when she challenged him after growing suspicious. As a final resort, the woman went to a native doctor, who used magic to make her husband disappear.

A Nigerian man is reportedly in serious pain after finding out 21 years later that his four children are not biologically his.


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