Not All, But Majority Of Nigerian Girls Are Foolishly Ungrateful

A conversation between a guy and a girl he intend to marry next year after she was given 5k for xmas. They have not mate one on one for a long time, as long as 1 year plus.

I just saw this somewhere and decided to bring it here. What do I know.

See the Full Clip Here

But honestly I thought it’s just me, most times doing anything for an average Nigerian girl seems like a natural offense, especially when you do it without expecting anything in return; for their mind they would just assume that they have outsmarted you or they’d see you as Mugu.

Just as I was going through that chat and one babe came to me claiming stranded that she needed transport, and obviously she actually needed the help but I declined as she came at the wrong time when I was still annoyed by that conversation. I heard as she was telling someone on the phone that he thought he can just bring her out and make her stranded probably disappointed by a guy.

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