Ex-BBNaija All Stars houseguest, Kim Oprah, has now caused an online stir after admitting that she lied on Angel.Recall that Kim had claimed that Angel got bounced by Wizkid’s bodyguard at the club when she was trying to famz Wande Coal
Kim’s new disclosure about lying on Angel out of spite raised numerous reactions on social media

Ex-BBNaija All Stars houseguest, Kim Oprah, has now opened up about lying on her co-star, Angel.……Read Full Story Here……… 

Kim who recently left the reality show revealed during her media rounds that what she said about Angel getting bounced at the club was untrue.  Kim told Venita, Adekunle and Ike that Angel could not come to her table at the club because Wizkid’s bodyguard literally lifted her from the floor when she tried to get close to Wande Coal.
BBNaija All Stars: Kim Oprah says she lied about Angel getting bounced at the club.
BBN All Stars’ fans react as Kim Oprah says she lied about Angel getting bounced at the club out of spite.

While speaking with @beloveolocha on TikTok, Kim Oprah admitted that she lied against Angel to the other housemates out of spite because she had upset her.

In her words:

“I must have spoken out of turn. You know when you’re just upset, I was just trying to get back at her. That’s why sometimes it’s not good to act out of spite. She had said something that to me was very personal and it hurt me so I was just trying to get at her basically, that’s not my person, that’s not a nice thing to do.”

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The interviewer then asked Kim Oprah if she means the bouncing never happened or that it happened but she regrets saying it. To that, Kim said:

“It did not happen, I lied.”

Reactions as Kim Oprah admits lying about Angel getting bounced

The video of Kim Oprah speaking on how she lied against Angel soon went viral online and it became a major topic of discussion. A number of netizens were surprised that Kim would go that far.

Read some of their comments below:

Tife called it a terrible act:

Praise condemned Kim’s action:

Blaze said Kim lies a lot:

Faith said Kim didn’t lie but is only trying to save Angel’s face:

See the Full Clip Here

This tweep said he’s ashamed:


“Omo stealing and lying isn’t a good look for her brand . She just shouldn’t have come back to all stars.”


“Coming from a grown woman, you claimed she did not come near you when you entered the house, i hope you will go back and watch your entry video. You were envious of her because of a man she doesn’t want. How can brands trust someone who lies became they were angry?”


“Brands shouldn’t trust you you will jeopardize their products.”


“What a shame! Make una Dey fear this kind people! Tufiakwa.”


“Lying @ss b1itch, imagine cooking up such lie about a fellow girl on national TV because you’re in your feelings. Kim, you keep setting the bar lower with you and that’s got me wondering, the lowest is what aunty Ramota ?? Shame!!”

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Cross wins HOH, picks 4 male BFFs

In other related news, Legit.ng reported that BBNaija All Stars’ housemate, Cross, is the latest Head of House on the show.

Videos made the rounds showing the moment Cross was announced as the new Head of House. His co-stars were seen celebrating his win in a heartwarming way.

In usual BBNaija All Stars manner, Cross was told to pick four of his co-stars known as BFFs who would enjoy his HOH win with him. This includes staying in an exclusive lounge and enjoying its amenities among other things.

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