Jaywon acknowledged Eedris abdulkareem’s immense contribution to the music world
He however stated that the fights between the two music are as a result of their arrogance and one following the footsteps of another
Nigerian singer Jaywon has shared his thoughts on the ongoing feud between Burna Boy and veteran artist Eedris Abdulkareem, labelling both parties as arrogant…..CONTINUE READING

Recall that Burna Boy, in response to Eedris recent podcast statements, stated that he does not blame him, but rather the people who donated money to pay his hospital bills after undergoing a kidney transplant in 2022.

Abdulkareem responded quickly, calling Burna Boy’s wish for his death “truly saddening and very disappointing.”

However Jaywon reacted by claiming that Burna Boy was only following in Eedris Abdulkareem’s footsteps and that because of his arrogance, Abdulkareem is yet to receive his accolade for the significant contributions he has made in the Nigerian music industry.

On his X handle, Jaywon wrote:

“Eedris has contributed a lot to the Nigerian music industry, was he applauded for that, NO and it was all because of his arrogant behaviour and that’s exactly what Burna too is doing so when I say ‘what goes around comes around’ is actually for the both of them! Las las everybody go collect. Na just time!”

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In the same podcast, Eedris recounts how Charly Boy sold him out and can’t be trusted.

According to the ‘Jaga Jaga’ crooner, Oputa, who is also an activist, is not a man of integrity as far as money is involved.

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The musician, who won the battle against kidney disease, made this revelation on the Honest Brunch podcast which is slated to be released on Monday, February 19. While speaking in a visibly angry tone, Eedris noted that Charly Boy sold him out.

He seemingly hinted at the issue being about his misunderstanding with 50 Cent, before Charly Boy got involved.

During the podcast, the talented musician also spoke about his upbringing, noting that he was trained by the Hausas. More so, he went to military school, and he loves to speak the truth, regardless of who likes it or who doesn’t.

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