AbdulShally, a renowned ex-billionaire’s wife, weighs in on Sophia Momodu and Davido’s custody dispute, claiming that N5 million is enough for a housing allowance.

This happened amid Sophia’s tumultuous custody fight with the superstar singer, who was accused of abandoning their child and neglecting to pay financially in the previous three years…….Continue Reading

AbdulShally further remarked that Davido’s N5 million allowance offer is sufficient to cover housing costs anywhere in Nigeria.

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The billionaire’s ex-wife shared her story, stating that after they separated, her husband handed her a Peugeot, which she sold to get her preferred car.

She also mentioned that she moved their children to the United States, where school costs were 10 times more, and that she took it upon herself to pay the difference because she had decided to go to America.

AbdulShally finished by stressing that Sophia Momodu should not expect wife privileges as a baby mama, underlining the importance of her own motherly responsibilities.

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