#Worldcup: FIFA to Launch new 32-Team Club World Cup from 2025.

Gianni Infantino says FIFA will start a new 32-team Men’s Club World Cup from 2025 and discuss the group stage format for the 2026 World Cup again.

The new Club World Cup concept was originally scheduled to launch in China in 2021 with 24 teams, but was canceled due to the pandemic and is now slated to expand further from June 2025. Also, the current format of the World Cup, which has been in place since 1998 and divides 32 teams into 8 groups of 4 players, will be changed during the 4-year expansion of the 48-team tournament, which will result in the selection country by 2017. FIFA Council. Divide into 16 groups of 3 each.

However, Infantino hinted that the group stage format could still change in his first press conference after his controversial pre-tournament speech following the dramatic group final in Qatar. Infantino: “We set the World Cup format as 48 teams, 3 groups of 16, first 2 groups of 32, 16 groups, 8 groups, 4 groups, 2 groups.”

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“If you look at the success of this World Cup and the quartet and other competitions like the European Championships, I have to say there are 24 teams and the top two and the best three will go through.”

“The group of four was really cool here because you never know who’s going to come through until the last minute of the last game. The move to 16 requires a review of this format, or at least a rethinking of it. . Group of 3 or 12 groups of 4. This will certainly be on the agenda at future meetings.”

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