World Cup Star Richarlison Gets Massive Neymar Tattoo

Richarlison made the decision to get a tattoo of some of Brazil’s greatest players as a result of Brazil’s defeat to Croatia.

As shown in the photo, the tattoo features himself, Neymar, Ronaldo, a message from Pele, and a legend of Brazil.

Overall, I think the tattoo is very stunning as it has a realistic design.

See the Full Clip Here

Congratulations to the tattoo artist who created this; it is amazing what they were able to do on Richarlison’s back.

Although some could argue that this show of pride is a little excessive, because most people don’t tend to have tattoo of their own face on their body. However, tattoos are private to the individuals who get them, and it’s obvious that Richarlison, a Brazilian television personality, found this to be very meaningful.

So guys, can you get a celebrity tattooed on your body? If so, who would you get inked?

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