Reactions as Chioma Post a New Video On Social Media

Popular Nigerian chef, Chioma might be back on social media after the death of her son Ifeanyi. Since she lost her son Ifeanyi, she hasn’t posted any video of herself online because she was still mourning her son but she was present at Davido’s uncle inauguration ceremony in Osun state and it captured reactions online.

For the first time since Chioma lost her son, she was seen looking happy at Davido’s uncle’s inauguration and her fans were happy to see her looking cheerful. Chioma was looking classy at the inauguration ceremony and her fans appreciated her beauty, while some said she has reduced weight.

Chioma is looking pretty in her long sleeve gown and the style of her gown suits her body features. The hand of her gown is sewn in a puffy style and her makeup and hairstyle enhanced the beauty of her appearance. Davido is also looking smart in his Agbada attire and his fila suits his appearance. Click here to watch the video clip.


Some people reacted to her post. Check out some comments below.



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