I am Moroccan! Time to stop this “nonsense” about Arabs and Africans

On Saturday, December 10, 2022, the Atlas Lions of Morocco shockingly upset Portugal by one goal in their quarterfinal match.

With that score, the squad and its coach, Walid Regragui, cemented their historic status. Regragui was the first coach to take an African team all the way to the tournament’s semifinals…….Continue Reading

Presidents, prominent politicians, international civil officials, sports aficionados, and pan-African activists have all praised Morocco’s accomplishment as the first African nation to advance to the World Cup semifinals on social media.

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There are a few opposing viewpoints—call let’s them dubious voices—in the midst of the celebration that question if Moroccans are truly Africans and/or whether they want to be recognized as such.

As one of the five African teams, Morocco earned a spot in the competition. The Sahara desert divides Morocco from, or, if you like, connects it to, the greater sub-Saharan Africa.

It shouldn’t be a distraction that they are categorized in certain global classifications as belonging to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, especially at this time.

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