An Angry Man Swear Not To Pay Tithe In Church Again See His Reason

Is your faith important to you? When you’re in a jam, can you count on your pastor and elders for assistance? Can we trust that our religious leaders have our best interests at heart, or do we end up worshipping them instead of God?

Pentecostal pastor and his elders have heard the young man’s story.

A young man has told of his unpleasant experience with a preacher and his elders.

When I needed assistance, I went to a church elder. During his sermon that night, he encouraged the youth to confidently approach the adults in their lives and seek for help. In order to aid my parents with my meagre allowance, I went to this wise man to plead my case for employment.

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This guy forgot to preach that we should go to them and beg for jobs, help, and everything else that will pave our way to God. His exact words were, “I don’t have any help for you, I can’t assist you, moreover I need to help myself, no one in the church can help you, so go and pray, pay tithes and offering.”

He approached another wise man because he wanted to help a fellow worker, and he told the young man, “Can your sluggish mother use the sales of banku to provide for you, I can’t assist with your expenses.” People who are closest to God should receive aid.

After I expressed concern to the pastor about the exodus of young people from the church, he answered, “Let them leave; they’ll come back when they grow; after all, we can’t help them financially, but we teach them how to fish.”

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