Actress Juliana Olayode recently opened up about a terrifying encounter she had that involved greed and nearly resulted in her being kidnapped. In a candid post on her Instagram page, the 28-year-old shared her experience of encountering suspected ritualists while on her way back from her boss’s office a few years ago.

According to the Nation paper, Juliana said that these individuals approached her, alleging that someone had left a stash of dollar bills in the car’s boot. Intrigued by the prospect of sharing this newfound wealth, she expressed her interest, unknowingly walking into a dangerous trap.

The suspected ritualists then drove Juliana to an undisclosed location and demanded that she surrender her mother’s cherished jewelry. She explained, “At that time, our laundry assistant had disappeared for a while because the clothesline broke and I had given him money to buy a new one.

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Naturally, we were all concerned about his prolonged absence. When he finally returned, he shared a chilling story of how he narrowly escaped a scam while boarding a bus.”

Juliana immediately recalled a similar encounter she had years ago when she found herself on a bus where individuals were claiming to have discovered a forgotten fortune in the vehicle’s trunk. Oblivious to the sinister reality, she naively agreed to partake in the supposed windfall. Little did she know, she was being lured into the clutches of ritualists.

As they reached the designated spot to divide the money, they demanded Juliana’s mother’s gold as a requirement for claiming her share. The actress was taken aback by this unexpected demand, realizing the gravity of the situation she had unknowingly put herself in.

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Juliana Olayode’s harrowing ordeal serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can arise from unchecked greed. By sharing her story on social media, she hopes to raise awareness and caution others to be vigilant, especially when it comes to matters involving large sums of money and suspicious offers.

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