Actor, Adeniyi Johnson Apologizes To Wife Amidst CHEATING Allegations

Adeniyi Johnson, the Nollywood actor, has apologized to his wife after cheating allegations surfaced online.

On Monday, the actor was accused of infidelity after footage of him frolicking with a strange lady surfaced on WhatsApp.

Captioning the video, the strange lady referred to Johnson as “the king that rules my world”.

“The King that rules my world. Love you pappy. I miss you so much. Come back to mummy.” she captioned.

The video sparked widespread outrage on social media, with many slamming the actor for “cheating” on his wife.

See the Full Clip Here

Niyi Johnson Reacts, Apologizes To Wife

In the wake of the heavy backlash, Johnson took to his Instagram page on Monda evening, wherein he apologized to his wife, as he sought to share his side of the story.

According to the actor, the lady in the video was an avid fan whom he met on his way to work. Johnson explained that the video was shot in a haste, as he hurried along to a film location.

“I will not pretend like nothing happened today, and this is not to debunk anything as no one debunks what never happened or what you didn’t do!!!” he explained

“The lady in question is an overzealous fan who was excited to meet me and politely ask to take a picture because I was driving out of where she met me and as such I couldn’t come down because I am rushing to another set.

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