Why Gov Zulum Will Always Win Even Beyond 2023- Bwala

Spokesman of the Campaign Council for Borno State and former Commissioner for Home Affairs Infirmation and Culture, Inuwa spoke to some journalists after the inauguration of the campaign council last Sunday.

Our correspondent captured the moment:

Your Governor has just inaugurated the campaign council for his re-election bid in 2023, with you as co- chairman of the Media and Publicity Committee. But we expected you to be at the center with your former boss, Kashim Shettima. What really is happening?

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I am involved with Senator Kashim Shettima in his quest for the Vice Presidency, as you perhaps know. I am a key stakeholder in Borno and you cannot separate Kashim Shettima’s politics from that of Governor Babagana Umara Zulum. Essentially, I am in the Borno Campaign Council with the full consent of Senator Kashim Shettima, and that does not stop me contributing to events at the center. And I do not see anything wrong in combining the two, after all we are of the same party, with a common set of goals; a common approach for the same actors. If the Governor feels I am important to the project at home and invites me to come down, I feel I owe him and my state the obligation to come down and team up with my colleagues here. So there is nothing wrong, rather, there is something right.

Now that you are here, what will be the highpoints of your campaigns, in the face if an emergent string opposition?

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Although “strong” is a relative term in this context, depending upon your own perception, we are not under rating anybody who may be seeking to upstage the system. We accord every party, as a matter of right their places in the political space. We also respect anybody who seeks to participate in the elections, but you know, just like everybody does, that, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum’s position remains unshaken.
Be that as it may, our campaigns are going to be anchored on the Governor’s achievements in the last three and a half years; on issues that define the moment and on what we believe to be the collective goodwill if the people of Borno state. It is not controvertible to say, Professor Zulum has given very good account of himself as a leader.

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