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We Do Not Plan On embarking on strike over subsidy removal — NLC

We Do Not Plan On embarking on strike over subsidy removal — NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has dispelled rumors that it is preparing an industrial action in response to the recent removal of subsidies.

In his inauguration address on Monday, President Bola Tinubu said that the era of fuel subsidies was over.

“Unfortunately, there was no provision for fuel subsidies in the budget that was in place before I took office. Therefore, fuel subsidies are gone, as the president stated.

The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) blamed the problem on panic purchasing when long-queue filling stations reappeared in several regions of Nigeria shortly after he made the announcement. Many filling stations also promptly increased their gasoline pump prices.

On Wednesday, representatives of the federal government and organized labor organized a meeting to address the implications the removal of subsidies will have on the people………………..CONTINUE READING




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The NLC president, Joe Ajaero, said that the union will meet its members for more deliberation as the meeting came to a close without reaching a decision.

However, rumors started to circulate that the NLC had set Friday as the start date for a strike in opposition to the removal of the subsidy.

Benson Upah, the chief of information and public relations for the NLC, responded to the situation by claiming that the claims were untrue.

He urged Nigerians to ignore the assertion and clarified that organized labor had no intention of going on strike that day.

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Our attention has been drawn to social media rumors that the NLC will start protesting against the hike in the pump price of fuel on June 2. he said, according to NAN.

“Despite the fact that we are horrified by this senseless price rise that is meant to cause Nigerians enormous pain, we have no plans to begin taking any action on June 2.

What we now have planned are organ meetings to discuss the pricing problem on June 2.

Following its sessions, the NLC, according to Upah, would inform Nigerians of its future course of action.

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