Elijah Adebayo has publicly stated his desire to represent Nigeria at the international level. The 26-year-old, who was born in England to Nigerian parents, is eligible to play for both England and Nigeria.

According to Dailypost, Adebayo told The Times: “I would like to play for Nigeria. It would make my mum happy, make her proud. That’s something we’ve spoken about. Playing for England? It would be a case of whichever comes first. My mum would be proud if I played for Nigeria or England, but Nigeria especially”…...CONTINUE READING

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The striker said his mother will be much pleased to see him wear the green and white jersey of Nigeria.

However, it seems that his heart is set on playing for the Super Eagles, the Nigerian national team. This is an exciting prospect for Nigerian football fans, who will no doubt be eager to see Adebayo bring his skills and talent to the international stage.

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