The incident, which took place in the early hours of December 31, 2022, has led to a significant fall from grace for the 40-year-old, who is celebrated as one of the most decorated footballers in history.

Alves had vehemently denied the allegations of sexual assault, with his defense requesting acquittal.

However, the court’s judgment was based on the evidence presented, which included testimony beyond the victim’s account, substantiating the claim of non-consensual sexual contact……CONTINUE READING

The court found that the victim did not consent to the encounter, debunking Alves’s defense that the woman could have left the nightclub’s VIP section toilet “if she wanted to.”

Throughout the trial, Alves’s account of the events fluctuated significantly.

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Initially, he claimed to have had no interaction with the accuser, only to later admit to meeting her in the toilet but insisting that nothing happened between them.

Subsequently, Alves altered his narrative once more, claiming that they had engaged in consensual sex, a statement contradicted by the court’s findings.

In addition to the prison sentence, the court ordered Alves to compensate the victim with €150,000 (£128,500), acknowledging the trauma and suffering endured.

Since January 2023, Alves has been in pre-trial detention, and throughout this month’s trial, the inconsistencies in his testimony have been a focal point.

Despite his claims, the evidence led to his conviction, underscoring the seriousness with which the judicial system views such allegations.

The verdict allows for an appeal, providing Alves with an opportunity to challenge the sentence.

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