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‘Tinubu’s Transcript Has Implicated Him’ – David Hundeyin

‘Tinubu’s Transcript Has Implicated Him’ – David Hundeyin

After misrepresenting screenshots from a PDF document that he grabbed off my Scribd account as something newly released by CSU, this particular dunce still didn’t realise that he severely implicated his drug pushing boss with what he uploaded.

Now he has eventually deleted it, but not before showing the world that the person named “Bola A. Tinubu” on file at CSU was a female – which is the exact point Atiku’s lawyer is making in court……………………..CONTINUE READING

See the Full Clip Here


You have to be literally brain damaged to defend the drug pusher, but I for one, am grateful that his people are this dumb.

It makes the job of a public educator so much easier 🙏🏿

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