Tinubu Ought Not To Be Sworn In’ – Bishop Kukah

Mathew Hassan Kukah, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, has said that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu would not have been inaugurated had the government heeded electoral advice. In an interview with Arise TV, Bishop Kukah mentioned that the electoral reform community’s recommendation calls for all pending legal proceedings to be resolved before the inauguration.

Educated Nigerians, he added, understand that any President in charge of the country will use its resources for personal gain. He went on to say that Nigeria’s political elite prefers to remain in the shadows……………………….CONTINUE READING



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”Nigerians are really upset, there are a lot of people who are legitimately quite angry and they earn a right to be angry,” he said. The electoral procedures were poorly executed. I was a part of the electoral reform community, and if the government had listened to our advice, Tinubu would not be inaugurated as governor.

And we wouldn’t be in such dire straits right now. However, as everyone familiar with Nigerian politics knows, the shadows are where the real action takes place. The suggestion to wait until all of the necessary procedures are completed before swearing someone in has been rejected. Because every Nigerian understands that the resources would be made available to us the moment you take the oath of office.


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