Tinubu At The United Nations General Assembly Plenary

Which kind wahala be dis? is this how Baba Emilokan will be representing Nigeria at the United nations General assembly plenary? God forbid bad thing! This Grand papa will just go there and be sleeping and snoring that when his time to deliver speech comes, he will just be uttering incoherent words like “A town hoard different from Balabluu bluuu……BULABAII” and all the world leaders will be staring at him like “KILODE”, “UNA SURE SAY THIS MAN HEAD CORRECT SO?”.

See the Full Clip Here

Nigerian Youths please, it’s time to rise up and take back your country from the grips of corrupt leaders and co-partner of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel, YEKINI AMODA OGUNLERE a.k.a Pablo Tinubu.

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