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Surgeons Remove Massive Tumor From Mr. Muritala’s Mouth After Donations

Surgeons Remove Massive Tumor From Mr. Muritala’s Mouth After Donations

Good morning everyone. Mr Muritala was wheeled in the theater at exactly 8am yesterday, he had two surgeries. The tumor was so big that they couldn’t pass the pipe that’ll put him to sleep while the surgery was going on through his mouth so the ENT team had to open…

a lil part of his throat to put in a tracheotomy pipe.
After that the surgeons began working. May God bless all the team for working tirelessly. 5 hrs surgery took over 8hrs.
He ended up using 9 pints of blood instead of the 4 we got initially.
I’m just grateful that 8yrs of..

pain is no more. I couldn’t hold back my tears when I saw him after the surgery. The tumor weighed 1.4kg. I can’t imagine how he’s been carrying it for years..
I pray his recovery is swift. I can’t thank you all enough. May the good lord reward all your good deeds.

Update: To every beginning, there’s a end. Mr Muritala was discharged yesterday after he was examined by the consultants and his feeding tube removed.
Kudos to the team for sticking it out till the end @Mon_stev and @Sleekadel who introduced him to us in Dec. God bless you.

Our love for humanity won! Baba is home and healing nicely. Thank you Twitter NG came through. Many thanks for the support and encouragement




and to everyone who came through. May God reward your good deeds.

He’ll be visiting the hospital subsequently for check ups. The skin on his cheek is saggy because of the size of the tumor and with time, it will go down.

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