In a recent video on Facebook, Pastor David Ibiyeomie admonished his congregation to cease discussing their fears and societal troubles, advocating instead for a faith-based perspective rooted in the Bible.

He urged his followers to refrain from this negative dialogue. He emphasized the power of positive speech and faith, especially amid challenging circumstances. His sermon also arrives at a time when many Nigerians face economic hardships, with inflation and rising food prices straining household budgets…….CONTINUE READING

See the Full Clip Here

According to him, “Stop discussing your fears and happenings in the society. That’s been the sign. Many of us we discuss what? Our fears and happenings in the society. “Oh! Do you know in Nigeria, food has gone up? Now even to go to market no way. Do you know all the money my husband gave me no way! I can’t even… I don’t know what to do again.” That is what is happening, stop talking those things. Say: “God! In the midst of these, God will make a way where there is no way. Stop talking all the jargon. You are not the broadcaster. You are not a news collector even if you’re a news collector now, take the news of this Book (The Bible).”

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