Sola Allyson Responds to Critics of Lateef Adedimeji’s Performance

Sola Allyson, a well-known gospel singer, asserted that she can work with anyone, regardless of their religion.

She made this statement in response to the critiques that followed her performance of a worship medley with Muslim actor Lateef Adedimeji.

In an interview with the PUNCH on Sunday, Allyson said;

Jesus is my own perfect example. I live to uphold his essence, not religion. It’s okay to be misunderstood and not to be liked by some (people). I have been like this from the beginning; never wavering.

As a singer and a gifted one (at that), I will still collaborate with simple-hearted people like me, regardless of the religion they practice, in spreading godly values.

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She added that Jesus was also ‘bashed’ while on earth because of the kind of people he associated with.

She said;

Jesus, who is my own perfect example, was not ‘wary of the people’ He associated with. Jesus associated and identified with simple-hearted people, who sensed the truth in Him. The people who claimed to know God and the laws were ‘bashing’ Him.

Speaking on what she owes people who practise other religions, she said;

Jesus did not found a religion. What I owe a Muslim and other people who practise other religions is love. I hold on firmly to my own convictions. However, the essence of it all is to make humanity better, love others and spread godly values. Everyone is not my audience. I am not sent to everybody. Nobody is sent to everybody.

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