Popular Ghanaian soothsayer Karma President, who is well-known for his dire predictions, has ignited social media with his shocking disclosure about Destiny Etiko.

In a widely shared video from August 2023, the mysterious Karma President made a terrifying prophecy concerning Junior Pope. He said that if immediate action wasn’t done, an accident may occur and Junior Pope will die terribly.

The Seer repeated her prediction that the consequences of this impending disaster will send shockwaves through Nigeria.

Fans were understandably terrified when a video emerged that revealed the seer’s prediction involving Destiny Etiko, just after his prognosis about Junior Pope came to pass.

The Karma President’s spiritual vision indicates that some of the women in Destiny Etiko’s close circle are harbouring malevolent intents that are driven by jealousy towards her remarkable success.

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The actress received a severe warning from the Ghanaian soothsayer, who echoed these serious worries and advised her to exercise caution while on set.

She was specifically warned not to accept any food, water, or even handkerchiefs for wiping at her sweat since these seemingly harmless actions may mask evil intentions intended to damage her.

On Wednesday, Junior Pope and three of his coworkers plunged into the Anam River in Anambra while returning by boat from a filming site.

On Thursday, AGN President Emeka Rollas revealed the tragic situation on his Instagram page. He stated.

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