Osun Govt To APC: Governor Adeleke’s Executive Orders Restored Sanity, Rule Of Law

Osun state government has berated the state’s All Progressive Congress (APC) for justifying the mismanagement and maladministration that took place under Oyetola’s government, affirming that the Executive Orders issued by the new government are clearing the inherited mess and rot.

Responding to a statement issued by the state’s All Progressive Congress (APC), the State government lambasted Mr Sunday Akere for displaying gross ignorance of governmental operations and for being part of the past thieving government, submitting that Osun leaders and the people are happy with the Adeleke administration and steps so far taken to redirect the ship of the State…….Continue Reading

“We wonder in which world Akere is living? Is he hallucinating about the government of yesterday where due process was an abomination, where election outcome denial was a state policy, where shady handling of the treasury was legitimised, where government properties were illegally shared out, where lying was upgraded as a directive principle of the state, where deaf and dumb leadership style was celebrated?

Because Mr Akere is a product of a government that set Osun state backward for several decades, he cannot appreciate the value of new decisions that protected the integrity of the judicial process as in the kingship matters; that reversed illegal high-profile appointments effected against statutory requirements; that secured state payroll by flushing out unlawful staff additions, and that set a new tone of compliance with public service and financial regulations.


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As the new government of Governor Ademola Adeleke is a product of democratic processes, Akere as a supporter of the Trumpist flushed out by the Osun people is probably still incapable of accepting the new rule of the people where the citizens have taken over the state under a responsive Governor. Any man accustomed to the illegal application of power will not comprehend executive orders that dismantled the years of illegalities installed under Oyetola’s misrule.

We want to put on record that all men of goodwill, leaders and supporters, within and outside Osun state, commend the prompt actions of Governor Adeleke through those executive orders and his many corrective measures which have laid a new foundation for the delivery of good governance in Osun State. One cannot but guess that Osun founding fathers that Mr Akere was referring to are the team under the former Governor whose reputable for poor state governance and responsiveness to the aspirations of the people.

Governor Adeleke has been working day and night for the past two weeks to put the state on the right footing. Unlike the past government that unleashed terror on the state, the Governor has not, is not and will not harass anybody. As the most popular Governor in recent Osun history, there is no iota of truth in APC’s allegations of intimidation. His Excellency’s position is that government should be based on due process, public service regulations, extant laws and the provisions of the constitution irrespective of whose ox is gored.

It is important to also tutor Mr Akere and APC that both the Executive and the Legislature are united in turning a new page. Agents of yesterday failed the day Speaker Timothy Owoeye visited Governor Adeleke at his country home. The pact for good governance was further strengthened when the Governor visited the House of Assembly. No arm of government is interested in sustaining the sadistic and inhuman legacy of the past government.

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Much more importantly, we had repeatedly asserted while in opposition that the illegal act of a sitting Governor is challengeable. We had posited that being a sitting Governor is not a licence to indulge in acts and deeds contrary to the oath of office, extant regulations and laws. As a Governor, Senator Adeleke has and is still reviewing his predecessor’s unlawful acts in the best interest of the public and with the application of best practices.

We urge Mr Akere and other members of Oyetola’s media-hatchett – job – network to go on vacation or seek new productive employment. Governor Adeleke and Osun people are united for the peace and progress of the state. There is a new Sheriff in town.

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