The rising cost of living and esca­lating food prices have been a major challenge the majority of Nigerians are battling with at the moment.

Food, which is an essen­tial commodity is gradually becoming scarce commod­ity, as many households could no longer afford a three-square meal due the daily increment of food items…..CONTINUE READING

The rise in the cost of staple food and other prod­ucts have affected the pur­chasing power of many Nigerians, as it is now very difficult for the majority of households to afford daily meals.

Basic food items are now gradually beyond the reach of a common man. Prices of items like rice, beans, garri and others are increasing daily. Traders lamented that their businesses have dropped because of low purchasing power as life becomes unbearable for the masses across the country.

Some of the respondents to our reporter have, there­fore, appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to urgently open all Nigeri­an borders to reduce the compounded tension from insecurity.

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Items such as rice (foreign), 50kg which was sold for N60,000 per bag in December 2023 goes for N86,000 in Feb­ruary 2024, while Nigeri­an rice (50kg) which was sold between N55,000 and N60,000 in December 2023 now sells for N79,000.

A rubber paint of Garri, which was sold between N1200 and N1500 in Decem­ber 2023 depending on the colour, now sells for N2200 and N2500 in February 2024.

A civil servant with the Ondo State government, who pleaded anonymity lamented that this issue of food prices has now gotten to a point that the govern­ment needs to urgently in­tervene.

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She said that N5000 can no longer cook a pot of soup at this time and that salary is not increasing.

“We can no longer eat three square meals; it is not that we don’t want to, but because we could no longer afford it.”

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