Nigerians React To Nduka Obaigbena’s Reported Neglect Of Staff

Billionaire Wey No Fit Pay Salary Of Dying Staff- Nigerians React To Nduka Obaigbena Alleged Neglect Of Staff(Video)

It’s neither amusing nor pleasant to hear this particular thread. Nduka Obaigbena, the founding chairman and editor-in-chief of the THISDAY Media Group and ARISE News Channel, has been dragged through the mud by Nigerians who accuse him of neglecting a dying woman who allegedly works for him and withholding her past-due salary.

The video of the dying lady that has gone viral on the internet is heartbreaking to watch; the lady, who was in a wheelchair, could hardly speak, and all she could manage to say was that he should please pay her her wages.

Nigerians have taken to various platforms to accuse Atiku’s staunch ally of neglect, which the majority believe is extremely insensitive; see comments below.

” This old man sef, e dey fight Tinubu media directorate yet e no fit pay salary to workers wey don sweat for am to make that him so called billions, Oga go and pay your g[/b]bese and leave Tinubu people alone” Charles ***

[b]”Billionaire, how come you can’t pay workers’ salaries? No be Nduka dey shout say him na billionaire na make dem Tinubu people dey jealous am? Billionaire wey no fit even care for him workers that one na Billionaire,HIAN? Nkechi ***

Agatha *** was more audacious IN HER COMMENTS, she questioned which morals Nduka Obaigbena has to preach morality to Nigerians when he himself had just demonstrated he has no single sympathy for humanity.

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See the Full Clip Here

Hear her…

“The Bible says in Deuteronomy 24 verse 15 ” You shall give him his wages on his day before the sun sets, for he is poor and sets his heart on it; so that he will not cry against you to the Lord and it become sin in you.”

This signifies that Moses cautions the Israelites against depriving a hired servant of their income if they are impoverished and in need. Such a deed might make the unfortunate man beg God to punish his employer.

So can you see why the PDP politician is troubled and has issues? He has refused to pay his employees’ wages, and you expect him to advance? Why can’t Thisday and Arise pay their employees if they’re so wealthy? I heard he calls himself a billionaire, but he still maintains a haggard appearance with bushy beards. “Ogbeni, go pay your employees.”

We are not in a position to determine who was right or wrong, and we do not even know whether the allegations made by the woman are true or false, but Nigerians have reacted, and it is a NO NO for the publisher of THISDAY because the comments were so damaging to the reputation of such a high society figure.

What do you think—was she right to go on air without contacting her alleged employer and trying every possible course of action for a resolution? What does the relevant law say about protecting employees who are mistreated? Please provide your feedback. Anyway, in case you missed it, the video below should help.

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