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Nigerian Man call off wedding over who his fiancée voted for

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Nigerian Man call off wedding over who his fiancée voted for

A Nigerian content creator has stated that he can change his mind about marrying a lady because of the person she voted for during election.

According to him, everybody is free to choose who to support and vote for, but if his babe decides to throw her weight behind someone with obvious questionable character then it says a lot about the type of person she is.

He said elections have consequences, not just economic but also on personal relationships, because in the end it is not about politicians but about the choice a person makes.

The man said that even if it was his fiancée’s sister or family members that went a certain direction in the electoral process despite knowing their candidate might not be right for the people he can choose to cut off the family entirely.

He also noted that he is planning to add it to his questioneer during talking stage with anybody- which means he would ask any lady he’s wooing who she voted for in the 2023 presidential election……………………………..CONTINUE READING


He stressed that his decision to end the relationship over political choice is purely about ethics and principles and not because of grudges.

Watch him speak below:

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