Mother going blind after tattooing her eyeballs blue and purple to copy an influencer

A mum-of-five has said that she regrets not listening to her seven-year-old daughter who warned that she could go blind if she got her eyeballs tattooed.

Law student Anaya Peterson, 32, is now losing her sight after she chose to tattoo her eyeballs blue and purple.

She was inspired by “blue-eyed dragon” Amber Luke, an Australian model who got her eyeballs inked blue in 2019 – before going temporarily blind for three weeks.

Anaya, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, was left hospitalised following the eye alteration and is facing permanent blindness after a suspected reaction to the eyeball ink.

As the swelling continued to get worse despite taking antibiotics, Anaya checked herself into the hospital’s A&E ward.



Anaya claims that her daughter India was never on board with the eye tattoo, as she feared that her mum would “go blind”

Anaya said: “I was just going to get one [eye tattoo] at first because I thought that if I go blind, at least I’ve got the other eye. I should have stuck with that.

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“My daughter told me that I didn’t want to do that [the tattoo] asking, ‘what if you go blind?’ She wasn’t on board with it at all.

“I just wanted to be at home watching [TV] to be honest. I can’t even put it into words. It wasn’t nice at all whatsoever.

“It was traumatising to go through. I just remember thinking, I’m not doing that sh*t again, with the eye tattoo. I’m definitely not doing that sh*t again.”

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The ordeal has left Anaya regretting her choice to follow in the footsteps of Amber Luke.



Anaya before

Anaya has been told by ophthalmologists that she is now at a very high risk of contracting glaucoma, and her eyesight is already worsening, with her vision clouded by “hundreds of thousands of floaters”.

The student claims she is being supported by her university and is being provided with applications to make reading easier, as well as counselling.


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