‘Most awkward moment’ for the Royal Family caught on camera – ‘irritation and anger’

The Royal Family is never too far away from a parade of cameras, and usually members are captured smiling, waving and undertaking royal duties with elegance and poise. However, sometimes the cameras catch something a little unexpected.

Judi revealed that King Charles is not the only member of the Royal Family who has been captured on camera behaving slightly short of perfectly poised.

She claimed: “The royals have a history of PDTs (Public Displays of Tetchiness)……Continue Reading

“Princess Anne once told journalists to ‘naff off’ (or worse, as journalists now claim they used the ‘naff’ word as a polite option).

“Prince Edward threw a flounce after the It’s a Royal Knockout, and Prince Philip was known for his attitude of not suffering fools gladly.”

King Charles at St James' Palace after his mother's passing 
‘Most awkward moment’ for the Royal Family caught on camera – ‘irritation and anger’ (Image: No credit )

King Charles has most recently followed suit with some impatient behaviour, unlike the late Queen who adopted a “smile and wave” policy.

Since becoming King, Charles has broken the general rule of unflappability “three times”, once with Camilla and twice with a bothersome pen.

“His reactions seem out of kilter with the stimulus, too. When eggs have been thrown he has smiled and got on with his walkabouts but when Camilla was slow catching up with him recently he voiced his irritation quite openly.”

Judi pointed out that the new King has been particularly angry in two recent instances with a troublesome piece of stationery.

“Charles’ ‘Man versus Pen’ battle accounted for two of these awkward royal moments and there is an accruing aspect thanks to the second skirmish coming so soon after the first.”

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During his proclamation ceremony at St James’s Palace on September 10, the King struggled to find room to sign a document because of a pen on the desk.

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He signalled for someone to remove the offending item from the vicinity, looking a little frustrated.

Judi said: “After his open display of irritation that included a lower jaw jut and showing of the lower teeth in a signal of anger over the first pen incident, it was inevitable that the irritation and anger would be increased by the second.”

King Charles signs the visitors’ book at Hillsborough Castle (Image: Getty)

The second incident took place on September 13, during a visit to Northern Ireland’s Hillsborough Castle.

He accidentally signed the date as September 12, and then found the pen to also be leaking – a double whammy.

And the incident did not just affect Charles, but Camilla too, and the rest of the innocent bystanders.

Judi observed: “There are signs of existing tension in the room then, as Charles begins to sign his name in the book at Hillsborough Castle.

“One member of staff seems to reach in his pocket for a new pen, just in case, and Camilla stands watching with an anxious facial expression.

“The first mistake is Charles’, which is guaranteed to ramp up the levels of irritation. Irritation with yourself is so bad for the ego that we will often look for someone or something to deflect it onto. The pen was an obvious candidate and it seems to have leaked ink on cue.”

Charles explained that he couldn’t “bare this bloody thing”, and lamented that he has had to deal with this before.

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His “wiping action with his hankie is more of a striking movement”, which reflects his “inner anger quickly becoming external”.

Judi concluded: “Like many people who are frustrated or irritated by something, Charles starts to catastrophize, swearing about the pen but then turning and adding ‘Every stinking time’ as though he has never picked up a pen without inheriting a problem.”

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