Minister complain that prices of medicines have gone beyond reach of many Nigerians

The Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Dr Muhammad Ali Pate, on Friday confirmed high spending on medicines by many Nigerians, as the prices of drugs and other pharmaceutical products have gone beyond the reach of the common man

It is not unusual nowadays to find out that the prices of many drugs have gone beyond the reach of many citizens. In fact, a particular drug which used to sell for N500 in June, now sells for N2000 while others have also increases as much as six-fold.

Most drugs for serious ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, ulcer, asthma, cancer, stroke, among others, have skyrocketed so much that many people suffering from the diseases find it hard to afford the drugs……………………….CONTINUE READING



However, the minister acknowledged the increase in the prices of the drugs and other pharmaceutical products on his verified X handle on Friday, saying the Federal Government is concerned about the difficulty experienced by Nigerians in order to buy the drugs.

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According to the minister, the Federal Government is working towards actions that will address the high prices of medicines, especially for the most vulnerable groups in the country.

One of the actions being taken, according to him, is a meeting he has with representatives and Chief Executive Officers of pharmaceutical companies in the country in order to find workable solutions to the matter.

He added that his ministry and the key national actors in the pharmaceutical companies have scheduled another meeting for next week in order to find workable solutions to the high prices of drugs in the country…………………..CONTINUE READING

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Below is the screenshot of the post by the minister on the matter:

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