Fabian Terseer recently shared captivating photos of Baba Asongo, the oldest man in his village of Turan, Jato Aka. According to Fabian’s Facebook post on May 2, 2024, Baba Asongo is believed to be over 130 years old, despite having no children.

Fabian has spent countless hours with Baba Asongo, who has shared invaluable stories about his lineage and the Tiv Race. Through these conversations, Fabian has gained a deep understanding of his traditions…….Continue Reading

Baba Asongo was approximately 58 years old when King Jato Aka passed away. He vividly recounts the circumstances surrounding the king’s death, a tale that Fabian promises to share in the future.

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Recently, Baba Asongo’s health declined, prompting him to send for Fabian. Upon visiting, Fabian found the elderly couple unwell. He immediately arranged for medications and hopes Baba Asongo will regain his strength.

Fabian emphasizes the importance of preserving the wisdom of elders like Baba Asongo, especially in a society lacking such figures. Despite having no direct descendants, Baba Asongo has received support from Chief Ikyumior Terseer Yaga, who provided him with a home many years ago.

Fabian encourages residents of Turan to visit and pray for Baba Asongo, a man known for his honesty and unwavering spirit.

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