Man cries out to court over wife’s beauty, seeks divorce

In a surprising turn of events, Arnold Masuka, a 40-year-old man, has filed for divorce from his wife of 10 years, Hilda Mleya, claiming that her exceptional beauty poses a threat to their marriage.

Masuka made his plea before Chief Chireya’s court in Gokwe, expressing fears that his wife’s attractiveness would draw the attention of other men.

Man insists he wants to divorce because she is too beautiful. Photo credit: @tribune Source: tribune online

During the court proceedings, Masuka also accused Mleya of infidelity and disrespect.

He alleged that she had left him for another man in the past, returning after a two-month absence.

Though Masuka claimed to have forgiven her, he admitted that he could no longer trust her………………………..CONTINUE READING


Furthermore, he asserted that Mleya did not show him the respect expected of a family head, often insulting him in the presence of their children.

The court learned that the couple shares two school-going children.

In response to Masuka’s request for divorce, Chief Chireya advised him to reconsider and work on mending their marriage.

However, Masuka remained steadfast in his decision, insisting on proceeding with the divorce.

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Although the court did not grant the divorce, but ordered the couple to seek professional counseling.


Ogunsola ldris Abolore reacted;

Na you go marry the weapon fashioned against you.”

Eman Nda said;

You can also insults him by giving him a child how do you see that.”

Adewale Omoba Adele wrote;

Are we still in Africa.”

Fatima lbrahim commented;

That’s the WILL OF ALLAH not Human. Some people sef Sabi talk Rubbish out of lgnorance.’

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