Just In: Twitter to launch verification update December 2

ELON Musk has revealed that Twitter will roll out new updates for its verification system on Friday, December 2.

In a Tweet, Musk said the verification would be manual and the check multi-coloured to differentiate companies, governments, and individuals

The Chief Twit categorized the checks as follows: “Gold for companies, grey for government and blue for individuals (celebrity or not)”, he also added that authentication would be manual.>>>>>CONTINUE READING HERE>>>>>

With the downsized workforce, the microblogging site may be pressed to manually examine each verification to hinder parody accounts or junk.

See the Full Clip Here

Musk also stated that individuals affiliated to organisations must be confirmed by the organisation to have a tiny check mark.

After its launch, the platform’s CEO halted the new Twitter Blue due to impersonators and revealed it would continue on November 29.

But on Tuesday, Musk postponed the November 29 launch.

Based on the results of Wednesday’s poll, the Twitter boss posted that the platform will offer “general amnesty” to all suspended accounts starting from next week.

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