I’ll Soon Reveal Peter Obi, Datti’s Real Identities, Fani-kayode Blast Obidients

A former Minister of Aviation and member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential campaign council, Femi Fani-Kayode on Thursday said he will no longer keep his peace over continued attacks on Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC presidential flagbearer.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Fani-Kayode who once publicly admitted that he has a short fuse particularly singled out Arise TV, alleging that the media house has unbridled hatred for Tinubu.

“A few days earlier I heard another Obi spokesman on yet another Channels Television programme referring to him as “Nebuchadnezzar”, “a monkey” and “satan”.

‘The thing that appalled me the most was that in both interviews the moderators allowed him to keep making the point and mocking our candidate.

“They all appeared to be enjoying themselves and having a good laugh.
This has become the norm on virtually all the television stations in Nigeria today where insulting and denigratiing Asiwaju has been turned into a public bloodsport and favourite pastime.

“In this respect the prize goes to Arise Television who can barely disguise their utter disdain and hatred for our candidate.

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Like Obi’s men, the PDP, their spokesmen and their leaders are also guilty of this attempt to slur and say some of the most outrageous things about our candidate and his health on national television as well.

“Up until now I have been quite gentle and I have kept the peace by refraining from targetting the respective opposition candidates on national television but let me serve them notice that it is my intention to respond to them fire for fire from today onwards on every social media platform, every newspaper and every television and radio station that they seek to disparage our candidate and leader”.

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“The Obidients particularly mistook our silence and restraint for weakness but they will learn the hard way because we will tell the world who and what Obi and Dati really are”.

“The truth is that of all the filthy maggots that crawled out of the political sewer in the last 62 years, the most fickle, ignorant, naive, gullible, rude, fraudulent, crooked, fascistic, disrespectful, vain, uncouth & deluded are those asinine & dumb little imbeciles that call themselves Obidients”.

“They are a curse, an affliction and a plague all rolled into one.
By the end of February next year, after we crush and bury them in the election they will be confined to the dustbin of history never to rise again”.

“After we come to power we will deport their leader to Malaysia where he has many questions to answer and we will ensure that his running mate faces criminal charges for his hate speech against members of the LGBQ community and for inciting others to target and kill gays”.

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