I Fought For Biafra, Your Only Contribution To Igbos Is Kissing Women In Movies

Chief Dan Ulasi, the Southeast coordinator of the PDP presidential campaign council, has responded to Kenneth Okonkwo, the spokesperson for Peter Obi, the Labour Party candidate who recently accused Chief Ulasi of betraying his people by supporting Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s presidential candidate.

According to Ulasi, Kenneth Okonkwo’s
only contribution to the advancement of the igbo nation is kissing women in movies.

Unlike Okonkwo and his parents, Ulasi a Biafran War vetran said that he fought for Biafra in the Nigerian civil war.

I frequently ask Kenneth’s Okonkwo, “Apart from kissing women in movies, what is your contribution to the Igbo people at your age? ” whenever I encounter him. I am fighting for Biafra. He came to call me a bootlegger and I only have one hand that I can’t use, he added. Did his parents argue if he didn’t fight? He add ed.

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I agree with Chief Dan Ulasi, Kenneth Okonwo wants us to continue living in bondage. He was one of those who championed the sai Buhari disaster, he has no moral justification to tell any Nigerian what to do.

Today, he is blindly fighting to split opposition votes under the guise of promoting Obi who he clearly knows cannot win so that he can make Tinubu President through the back door.

Nigerians must look beyond his types, Atiku Abubakar and Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa are Nigeria’s best chance of kicking out the APC, any other concoction is a mistake that will lead to regret in the event of a TInubu Presidency….God Forbid!

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