CIA Director Team Are Going To Kyiv Despite Regular Russian Missile Strikes Across The Country

Bill Burns, the CIA director is Travelling to Ukraine’s Kyiv, to have a meeting with the Ukrainian President and his counterparts of intelligence this Tuesday from what we know from the US officials.

Bill Burns have said that he will be safe in the Embassy of US in Ukrainewhile the Russian air strikes of missile is continued in the country.

Bunrs’ trip to the Ukraine capital is the outcome of their Monday meeting Turkey’s Ankara with his counterpart from the Russian intelligence agency, namely Naryshkin. This will be the second time of their meeting in even less than a month that he visited the Ukraine capital.

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While the CIA director is staying there, the officials has revealed that Burns is have discussed the warning call from the US that has been delivered to the SVR of Russia to ensure that they does not use any nuclear weapon. He will also be discussing the commitment from America to back Ukraine in their fight against the invasion by Russia in the country.

A quiet discussion has started in Washington about whether or not to push Ukraine to seek a diplomatic end to the conflict, less than seven days after Russia declared a pullout from a major Ukrainian city that was the subject of the rush of rear-channel conversations. It also occurs at a time when the United States has grown more apprehensive that Russia would use a nuclear bomb in its faltering strike.

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Bill Burns, CIA director with other officials from the US have publicly revealed a number of times that they do not see any evidence of Russia taking any such drastic measures. However, the CIA director and his team of officials are known to the warning from the intelligence that now the risk stands highest ever since Russia’s invasion in Ukraine in last February.

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