Arewa Youths Caution Brekete Family’s Ahmed Isah For Airing Interview Against CBN Governor

A group under the aegis of Arewa Youth Assembly on Thursday asked security agencies to call activist and radio personality, Ahmed Isah, to order after a member of the House of Representatives, Gudaji Kazaure, alleged on his programme that stamp duty proceeds running into N89 trillion had been diverted by officials in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

But speaking in an interview on Friday, Isah, who is popularly known as Ordinary President, denied any wrongdoing in providing a platform for Kazaure to make his claims…….Continue Reading

The federal lawmaker representing Kazaure/Rauni/Gwiwa/Yankwashi Federal Constituency in the National Assembly had during a recent live interview on Isah’s Brekete Family radio programme, alleged that a committee inaugurated by President Buhari and which he is a member of, uncovered the alleged fraud.

He claimed to be in possession of documents that prove the diverted funds were warehoused in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The lawmaker also alleged that another $171 billion was kept in private investors’ account by the Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele. The Presidency has since denied Kazaure’s allegation of alleged misappropriation of stamp duty funds.

The Arewa Youth Assembly, however, held a press conference on Friday in Abuja, calling on security agencies to caution Isah to stop “inciting” Nigerians against President Buhari.

The group accused the lawmaker of running a “parallel government” by allegedly exercising “executive and judicial power” on his programme which has an estimated daily listenership and viewership of 20 million people across the world.

On Kazaure’s allegation, the group said the figures are ‘unverifiable’, noting that the Presidency has dispelled the lawmaker’s claim that the committee that made the discovery was approved by President Buhari.

“Curiously, from the time rep, Kazaure started his macabre dance, no member of his alleged committee has come out to add credence to his position but yet the so-called owner of Nigeria, who thinks he is more powerful than the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria still went ahead and invited Gudaji Kazaure for a live program in his radio house to blackmail the person of Godwin Emefiele. This is defamation of character, and racketeering between Gudaji Kazaure and Ahmed Isa to blackmail and further insult, Mr. Godwin Emefiele.

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“We wonder what or who has given Ahmed Isa this much power to a point of calling himself a President, using his radio house as a courtroom, where various cases are heard and verdicts and passed with him as the lawyer and the judge as well. He thinks of himself as so powerful that he can decide to call any caliber of Nigerian whenever he wishes to, not minding the nature of work and how busy the individual could be at that material time.

“He alone has taken up the responsibility of acting as the commander in chief of our dear country, continuously undermining and making a mockery of the office and person of President Muhammadu Buhari severally as was seen in the case of the ASUU strike, where he was quoted to have said he would pay up ASUU, inciting Nigerians against their one, and true President.

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“With the way things are going, if Ahmed Isa is left unchecked, we might one day witness a coup de tat, Ahmad Isa is power drunk and can do unseen things to acquire it, since he has undermined every legally constituted authority in this country. We are calling on all the security agencies to look into the activities of Ahmed Isa and the Berkete family to authenticate their source of funding and their overall activities,” the group added.


Speaking to this website on Friday, Isah said he is not aware that he breached any broadcasting code by interviewing Kazaure on his programme, noting that the federal lawmaker had spoken to other media houses, including the Voice of America on the allegations before appearing on Brekete Family.

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“Before I invited him, are you aware he was invited to other news mediums? My radio station wasn’t the first place, he has been to other media houses, including the Voice of America.

“The day I featured him, in my own case, I balanced my report by calling the spokesperson of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the CBN spokesperson gave me the position of the central bank. And I said other allegations that borders directly on the CBN governor would be answered by the CBN governor.

“I learnt that they said I have been breaching the Broadcasting Code. You see my shoppingmode brother, what is pushing me is the zeal to see a better Nigeria and I know they made reference to some of the cases I did, like the NFF, that of JAMB and I never said I was going to pay ASUU’s money. I said we were going to raise money to support the government.

“But they changed everything and for me, I don’t even recognize them, I am doing an investigation to know who they are and who are they speaking on behalf. They said Arewa Youth Assembly, from the name it is supposed to be an assemblage of Arewa youths which hasn’t been established yet.

“I want to let you know that if someone said you have breached the broadcasting code, let the person tell you the section of the code you have breached. And if truly there’s a section of the code I have breached, I will own up, make some amends and make sure I don’t repeat it. But constitutionally, even by the ethics of the profession, someone makes and allegation and you didn’t end the programme until you were able to place a call to the spokesperson of that organization.

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“if you watch the programme, you will see where he presented documents to me one by one, including the letters that were given to him when he claimed that Buhari inaugurated the committee and then the letter that he sent to the Central Bank of Nigeria and all banks and financial institutions, and the letters he sent to the EFCC and the one that the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) sent to him saying that the president had ordered the committee should cease operation. And then the letter Emefiele sent to him on the same day, according to him.

“The bone of contention here is that corruption is trying to fight back but let me assure you something: before this government will leave power, I assure you that they are going to write some of the wrongs that they have made by fighting and exposing corrupt people.”

On the group’s claim that he was exercising “much power” by calling himself a President, Isah said he was willing to drop the name ‘Ordinary President’ if they feel offended by it.

“If they don’t want me to answer the name Ordinary President, I can stop answering the name. But I have never called myself the president. In fact, there were instances when some people would make the mistake of referring to me as the President becuase they were in a hurry to address me but I’m quick to say no, Ordinary President,” the rights activist added.

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