2023: Peter Obi And LP In Financial Misappropriation Scandal

Another day, another scandal, financial misappropriation and LP may now be regarded as numbers five and six. The allegations against the party and its presidential candidate are becoming more serious by the day.

Yesterday, the news was awash with reports of the Labor Party dissolving its Ogun State chapter and suspending the party’s National Publicity Secretary for “anti-party activities.”

Meanwhile, the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Abayomi Arabambi, had petitioned the Labour Party’s (LP) National Chairman, Julius Abure, accusing him of obtaining money from party candidates under false pretence. Over 27 million Naira is at stake here.

We recently learned that some WhatsApp group admins allegedly stole over 22 million Naira, and before that, Doyin Okupe the campaign DG was accused of profiting from the system as well, purchasing luxury cars and other items.

Now, reports are making the rounds online that the LP governorship candidate in Osun State, Yusuf Lasun, who recently defected to the PDP, made some damning allegations against Peter Obi, the National Chairman, and Doyin Okupe, the DG of the LP Presidential campaign.

First and foremost, Yusuf invalidated Peter Obi by calling him a conceited, self-centered, and unfit leader who was solely concerned with his own ambition and desires.

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He went on to describe Obi as someone who uses the party name to BEG for funds and then concentrates them on Anambra State alone, with nothing for other states; he then asked if Obi was running for governor of Anambra State against Soludo.

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It was so terrible that he eventually called out Peter Obi to account for the funds raised for both his own presidential campaign and the Osun gubernatorial elections.

The question at hand is: Is the LP evolving into a money-making platform for the Obidient movement? We have heard horrifying tales of people creating WhatsApp groups under the guise of a Peter Obi support group and using those groups to defraud members with all kinds of phoney appeals.

The cases that are surfacing on a daily basis make it seem like a massive Ponzi scheme is being run by a cabal within the LP or the Obidient movement; they accuse the party of fronting numerous campaign accounts in a variety of names for a variety of purposes, making transparency burdensome and hard to follow.

Some Nigerians have viewed the party’s multiple financial misappropriation of funds as highly inappropriate, especially for a party preaching to Nigerians about the country’s recovery while every financial move is accompanied by various scandals.

What steps are the LP and its presidential candidate taking to change the negative image that hangs over them?

Is the LP a CASH APP for a new crop of politicians? Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about this worrisome development.

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